The Vale: Shadow of the Crown Itch.Io Demo!

Play The Vale: Shadow of the Crown — an action adventure game with no visuals!

Slip on your headphones, grab your controller (or keyboard!), and experience the beginning of an epic adventure.

We’re really excited to show off more advanced combat mechanics of The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. In this latest build, you’ll get to explore a number of updated and new features:

  • Play the First Chapter of The Vale: This takes you through the beginning of the story, where you will meet Alex and join her on the start of her journey. New to this PC demo, returning players will experience additional quests in the tavern and additional dialogue cut-scenes.
  • 3 Difficulty Levels: Play through Casual, Normal, and for a real challenge, Hard difficulty settings.
  • Learn the Basics: Explore the tutorials to learn how to fight, explore, and quest with only your ears to guide you.
  • But Wait — There’s More: Check out the additional tutorials and scenarios that guide you through advanced combat, monster fighting, equipment changes, and magic! 

We have much more planned for The Vale: Shadow of the Crown and are working diligently to iterate and improve on the mechanics available here. Your suggestions and thoughts on the game are incredibly valuable to our process. Whether you have a new magic spell you’d love to suggest, comments on the difficulty, bugs, or just want to say you liked it, please tell us. We welcome your feedback!

Send us your feedback on facebook, twitter, to  or on the forum.

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Aw Shoot!  Look at that! You got some awards!

So glad to see that this game came into fruition! Hopefully this is the start of a long grand road for this type of game genre. I think it's great that you came up with a game for disabled people. I'm disabled myself so it's awesome to see! I think you'll do well. Heck, you just might be able to compete with some of the big companies out there! If that time comes I'd like to buy some stock in your company. I really hope to see more of what you guys have to offer! This journey has been super fun to watch, and I am so glad so many people were willing to give such attention to this game! It really was an awesome demo. Once I'm able to get a job again, this'll be one of the first games I snag!

Thanks for so much for your dedication devs! This really could change the world! Hope to see what you've got next in store!


Thanks so much.. It really means a lot to hear that we're doing something that is appreciated!  We're hoping to start some prototyping of a new accessible game starting in the fall and we'll be sure to make free demos available here next year. 

Oh boy! I cannot wait! Keep up the awesome work!