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The Vale is an interactive audio game for visually impaired and sighted gamers alike. The game is a story driven, action adventure with combat and exploration mechanics that utilize 3D spatial audio and haptic controller feedback. The Vale is a first step toward our ultimate goal to produce mainstream video games that sighted and blind gamers can both play!


  • 5+ hours of gameplay
  • Audio based combat and exploration
  • Exceptional sound design a voice performances
  • Action-adventure with RPG elements
  • Emotionally engaging story
  • Fully blind accessible
  • Headphones recommended for best experience


As your elder brother takes his place on the throne… you are made warden of a small keep on the outskirts of the kingdom.  Blind from birth and sheltered for much of your childhood, you welcome your exile as a chance for a little adventure...

En route to the borderlands, your caravan is attacked by the vanguard of a huge invading army sweeping eastward toward the capital. You escape but find yourself alone in hostile lands.  With the aid of a local shepherd, you must survive the long, dark, dangerous valley that leads home...  A journey that will reveal startling truths about your land, your people and your own family.


"Some games have novel ideas that don’t work in practice. Here, the novel idea excels at every turn." - Kotaku

“There are always a handful of titles that stand out for being incredibly outside-of-the-box in their design and execution. This year, that short list includes The Vale”.  - Gameinformer

"The Vale foregoes traditional visuals without sacrificing an edge-of-your-seat action-adventure... an immersive and thrilling experience delivered by an all-star team" -Bleeding Cool

"truly the first of it's kind and (hopefully) the start of an emerging trend to create holistic, unified experiences that connect with disabled and non-disabled players alike."  - The Gamer


The Vale Demo 636 MB

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